About us

We are a kidswear brand launched in 2007, unique in creating playful, cheeky, and bold clothes. Modern families around the globe love OXOX for a bunch of various reasons. Our selection for appetizing colors, funky prints, vibrant patterns, comfy and contemporary silhouettes, and the sustainable values that OXOX stands for.

Our brand’s creative identity is closely related to the spirit of childhood, and therefore, we like to say that OXOX is on a constant mission of never growing up. In our world, childhood is not just a phase in life but rather an attitude, a lifestyle, or a way of living — encountering the world with creativity, playfulness, and positivity – no matter what age you are.

Sustainable values

We do not dare to call ourselves a sustainable brand yet, but we do our best to progress every day. First of all, we design and produce our clothes locally in our factory in Lithuania (except our knitwear products that our trusted partners in Turkey make). Every step of the production process is our responsibility. We as a factory are proud to have received The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, which guarantees our commitment to providing sustainable, ethical, and high-quality products. 

Our clothes are made of quality fabrics and are long-lasting. Ultra-comfortable, effortless, and slightly oversized silhouettes empower the kids’ free spirit without restricting their freedom of movement. Kids enjoy our clothes every day — from morning till evening. Be it Monday, Sunday, or just another delightful day.


When creating new collections, we create new stories. Kids fall in love with the clothes characters so much that they become best friends. The kids and OXOX characters sleep together, go to school or kindergarten, visit grandparents, shop at local markets, or celebrate birthday fests. Grown-ups would say that they become inseparable. But when the kids outgrow the clothes, they pass them to their siblings. And the new stories and new friendships are born!


We believe that boys, just as girls have the right to wear colorful and fun clothes. Therefore, you will easily find unisex clothes at our shop. You can expect to see floral prints, romantic silhouettes, and pastel colors for all genders in our collections.

On a mission of never growing up

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