About OXOX

OXOX is Northern Europe (Lithuania) based kids fashion brand that was founded in 2007 as fashion brand that kids and parents agree on.

OXOX vision has always been to make it both colorful clothes that are loved by kids as well as quality that are valued by parents! Clothes are fun to wear, they are durable with anti-allergic properties, made from organic materials. Our designers pay great attention to the construction of clothes aiming to make them comfortable so that they do not restrict any movements. They are meant to wear every day – in kindergarten and at home or to play sports in the yard. Parents will find various clothes for heir kids from 62 to 152 cm.

In order to create children‘s favourite clothes also valued by their parents we created mission - by looking through eyes of the child and using longevous experience create European fashion brand.

During a year we present 2 collections which are distinguished by their integrity, mutually compatible colours and models. You do not need to worry about  where to buy clothes that would match with the previuosly acquired models. In OXOX collection you can choose the complete set with accessories, you‘ll be able to dress the same way brothers and sisters of different age.

It is also important that all products are made of cotton knitted fabric, so children will feel comfortable and ergonomical. We use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials wich do not fade or shrink after lots of laundering.

In order to be loved by kids and valued by parents we cherish values:

Kids friendly
Seeing through eyes of the child

Costumer oriented

Possitive thinking

OXOX - Loved by kids, valued by parents!